Alexis Dworsky
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white rabbits, red pills
Phantasmagoria, Ionian Sea (+);
see my artist book: Weiße Kaninchen, rote Pillen / White rabbits, red pills, Kerber, 2015 (de+eng) >> amazon


Current report about my project Graffiti für Blinde (Graffiti for the blind) on arte


My latest clip about the universe


Hyperdimensional scan of the Etruscan necropole Norchia


Mit Google Street View um die Welt reisen
(Travelling around the world by Google Street View) _de


Radikaler Konstruktivismus (Radical constructivism) _de


Dinosaurier! Die Kulturgeschichte
Research book: Dinosaurier - die Kulturgeschichte. Wilhelm Fink, 2011 (de) >> amazon